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Franciscan High School is a private, Catholic school sponsored by the Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady that opened in August 2016. In this learning environment, we educate young people of limited economic means to become men and women of faith, purpose and service. This unique model combines college preparatory education with a Corporate Work Study Program and is part of a larger, national network of 37 schools.

Franciscan High School helps students graduate ready to succeed in college and life.


For questions on admissions requirements, please visit our application process information page.


When did Franciscan High School open?

Franciscan High School opened to the first 9th grade class in August 2016 on the former Redemptorist High School campus.  A week into our first school year, our physical facilities were lost in the 2016 flood.  After 16 months in a temporary campus, Franciscan High School returned to St. Gerard Avenue in February of 2018.

On May 23, 2020, our inaugural graduating class of 41 seniors earned their diplomas from Franciscan High School!

How do I partner with Franciscan High School?

There are several ways in which you can partner with Franciscan High School. Corporate partners can contact the school for more information on a possible corporate partnership. You can donate to Franciscan High School by visiting our online donation portal or contacting our Director of Mission Advancement, Katie Tasman, at

Supporters can also donate to support student scholarships and a Student Tuition Opportunity through ACE Scholarships.  Donations to ACE can be directed to Franciscan High School students to directly fund tuition scholarships.

How rigorous is the curriculum?

We have a rigorous college preparatory curriculum.  Because all Franciscan High School students are college-bound, our curriculum appropriately addresses content and skills to get students ready for college and beyond. 

Are there extra-curricular activities and sports?

Yes, sports, clubs and other activities will be determined based on student interest and the availability of sponsors.  Currently, Franciscan High School supports boys and girls basketball, volleyball, girls soccer, baseball, and track & field through the Louisiana High School Athletic Association.  We currently compete in Class 2A.

Is there a uniform?

Yes, the school is designed to reflect the dress and atmosphere of a corporate workplace. As such, Franciscan High School students wear a uniform daily. All students will be taught to dress and groom themselves in a manner appropriate for a professional work environment.  Click here to access the Franciscan High School Student Handbook, which details the student dress code.

Is the school calendar the same as East Baton Rouge and/or other area Catholic schools?

While every effort is made to align the calendar, the primary influence on the calendar is the corporate work world. As such, some of the holidays and vacations are more in line with federal holidays than traditional school holidays. In addition, summer training for all incoming students will begin in July and is a requirement of admission to the program. Copies of the school calendar and daily bell schedule are available from Franciscan High School.

Do all students participate in the Corporate Work Study program?

Yes, as a requirement for admission, all students must be 14 years old and have the necessary documentation to be legally employed in the USA. Students who cannot hold a job cannot remain in the academic program.

Do students get to choose their jobs?

Students are interviewed and evaluated, and their interests and skills are taken into consideration with job placement. Ultimately, the Corporate Work Study Program team decides where each student will work each year.