Become a Partner


The Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP) at Franciscan High School seeks Corporate Job Partners with full-time, entry-level positions for our students. Our bright and motivated young professionals are trained and ready to perform administrative tasks such as filing, copying, faxing, mail room support, data entry, and reception. 

Because Franciscan High School provides job screening, support, training, and transportation to and from work, business participation is easy. 

Benefits for job partners 

  • Enhanced diversity as entry-level positions are filled with capable young men and women from inner-city families

  • Instills a sense of pride in companies, knowing that they are making a difference in the lives of students with limited economic resources

  • Cost-effective since the cost of a team is less than one full-time employee

  • Stabilizes high-turnover positions and reduces burnout in full-time staff. The most-talented workers in the next wave of the labor force can be identified, trained and eventually hired.

Benefits for students

  • Acquire skills and dispositions necessary for success in the workplace

  • Defray a large portion of their tuition.  

Benefits for the school

  •  Serve a community where resources are most scarce and most needed

  • Able to provide a rigorous college preparatory curriculum to students in a faith-filled, values-oriented environment

  • Link real-world work experience with academic learning. 

Benefits for society

  • Greater potential for keeping a highly-educated, productive workforce in the Greater Baton Rouge community after college

The Corporate Work Study Program positions students for a brighter, more hopeful future by enabling them to develop self-confidence, build self-esteem, develop life-long mentoring relationships and to recognize opportunity. For information on becoming a Corporate Work Study Program partner, please contact Franciscan High School at 225.615.7479.