Cristo Rey Baton Rouge Franciscan High School

How it Works

Partnering with more than 40 local businesses, Franciscan High School's Corporate Work Study Program is unlike any other student employment program in the state of Louisiana. Assuming the role of an employee leasing agency, the Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP) has streamlined the process for employing their students. Students are not on the payroll of the employing organization; rather they are employees of the school’s separately incorporated Corporate Work Study Program, which the sponsoring organization pays annually for the services of the students.

Here in Baton Rouge, Franciscan High School students have the opportunity to work at over 40 different CWSP partners in the region.

Every Franciscan High School student takes a full course load of college preparatory coursework for four years, as he or she participates one day each week in a four-year Corporate Work Study Program to fund the majority of their tuition.

Students at Franciscan High School schools work in job-sharing teams of four. Each student works five full days a month. Their academic schedules are structured so that students work without missing any classes.

Example Work Week Schedule for CWSP Job Team


While initially serving as simply a financial proposition to pay the operational costs of the school for students who otherwise would not have the financial opportunity to attend a private, college preparatory high school, the Corporate Work Study Program has realized many real-world benefits for its students.

The program has evolved into an innovative means of providing students with crucial hands-on, white-collar work experience, while simultaneously empowering them to assume an active role in financing the larger portion of their education. As a result of working in a business environment, students create positive relationships in the business and professional communities, build their resources, acquire valuable job experience and marketable skills, develop a network of business contacts and gain exposure to a wide range of career opportunities.