Campus Ministry

Franciscan High School’s Campus Ministry supports the school’s mission of shaping our students into “men and women of faith, purpose, and service.” Campus ministry activities enhance our students’ faith formation through school-wide Masses, faith-filled ministry activities, and service opportunities, with every activity designed to allow students to encounter Christ in ways that contribute to a rich faith life and a greater understanding and appreciation for the Catholic Church.

Franciscan High School’s Campus Ministry supports faith formation activities such as:

  • Daily Prayer
  • Annual grade-level retreats
  • Liturgies
  • Community service offerings
  • Theology courses
  • Communal Prayer Services
    • Feast Week of St. Francis of Assisi
    • Advent
    • The Nativity of Christ Our Lord
    • Ash Wednesday and Lent
    • Holy Week

We invite you to learn more about how Campus Ministry instills faith formation in our students by carrying out activities that support our mission of faith, purpose, and service


Franciscan High School is a community of faith, formed in the Catholic tradition and in the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi, that fosters spiritual development and helps students come to know the love of God. The love of Christ is at the center of everything we do at FHS.

Students attending Mass.

Students performing at an Advent Program.

Students honor Veterans at a special Mass.

Seniors receive a blessing before their Senior Retreat.


Franciscan High School students attend a retreat during each of their high school years, with focused themes fitting the school year and centered on turning towards God, family, and friends for comfort and spiritual direction. Activities such as letter writing, prayer, and reflection are the hallmarks of FHS retreats.

Students expand their faith formation through group work at a retreat.

Reflections and spiritual awareness.

Students and faculty on a group breakout reflection.

Community Service

Franciscan High School community members strive to serve all those around them, with an attitude of selflessness, kindness, and gratitude. Students participate in volunteer opportunities throughout the academic year, giving back to the community in which we live.

Students volunteering at the Food Bank during Service Week.

Students and families cleaning a historic African American cemetery.

Students volunteering and reading with young students.

Students and Principal Earls deliver donations to a non-profit organization.